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How to block Private Messages and Tournament Registrations from specific users

Organize tournaments without the distractions of unwanted participants.

Learn how to block unwanted users from registering for your tournaments and sending you private messages in Challonge.

Under your account's drop down menu, click Settings.

The Blocked Users option can be found at the bottom of your Settings page.

Type the specific Challonge usernames that you wish to block and select from the result. Click Save.

You will no longer receive private messages and tournament registration restrictions will be given to these users.

For tournaments hosted under a community, the blocked users will be based on who made the tournament and nobody else.
It is also possible to block users who already paid the registration fee for paid tournaments. A tournament organizer must void or refund the user's order first before adding them to the Blocked Users.

Updated on: 11/12/2020

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