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How To Invite Team Members

Challonge enables teams to register for various tournaments. Teams can be formed and managed on Challonge. Here's how you can invite others to join your team on Challonge.

First, you'll need to log into Challonge and select your username in the upper right corner which will drop down a menu of options.

With your username selected in the upper right corner, you'll want to locate the team that you're inviting new people to join. You can do this by visiting your user profile page (option 1 in the image below), or quick select the team from the menu (option 2). For this example we'll continue with option 1.

On your user profile page, select the second menu item, "Teams" and click into the team you wish to invite other people to join.

Visit the "Members" tab and add a new team member by either (1) Challonge username if it is known or (2) by email. That person will receive an email to accept your invitation and join the team. You can also set permissions of each of your teammates here as well.

All teammates will receive the same match and tournament notifications allowing everyone to stay on the same page!

Updated on: 20/09/2019

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