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How to handle Declined Transactions from Stripe

How to handle Declined Transactions from Stripe

Challonge uses Stripe for Premier and Pro Community subscription payments. The use of Stripe is necessary to collect payments from tournament/event registration fees, merchandise sales and more. But what if your transaction is declined and blocks your payment process?

There are a lot of reasons why a credit card transaction can be declined. From incomplete information, rising to fraudulent transactions from stolen and/or fake cards. If the situation occurs, one must carefully assess the issue. Here are some of the most common scenarios from failed transactions paired with initial steps on how to handle them.

Your card does not support this type of purchase

Using a debit card
Activate first for online payments or use a credit card instead.
FSA/HRA/HSA cards are limited to certain type of transactions (business, travel, healthcare).
If your debit card requires a PIN, you will need to use another card to make the purchase.

Country restriction
Contact your card issuer and authorize for out of country purchases/services.

FSA- Flexible Spending Account or Arrangement, HRA - Health Reimbursement Account or Arrangement, HSA - Health Savings Account

Insufficient Funds

Regularly check your account balance before proceeding with your purchase.

Use another account if possible.

Your card number is incorrect

Check your card’s number (located at the front of your card).

Make sure that there are no spaces and/or special characters when entering your card number.

Contact your bank and confirm if your card is enabled for online transactions.

Your card was declined

Incorrect information entered
Review your credit card number, billing address, expiration date and security code.

Reaching credit limit
Monitor your account regularly before proceeding with your purchase (check online or mobile app). Contact your card issuer for increasing the limit.

Credit card expiration
Contact your card issuer and request for a new card.

Card does not accept online charges
Authorize online transactions with your card issuer.

Usage of card from unusual location
Inform your card issuer about your trip/travel. Provide date and time if possible for cross checking of purchases.

Card Cancellation
(Rarely used/failed payments) Establish good credit payment routine.

Card put on hold from other purchases/establishments
Check other purchases made from the same card (ex. Hotel expenses, renting of car, gas).

Duplicate transaction
Check for any previous duplicate transactions and cancel if possible.

Incorrect security code
Supply the correct security code (3 or 4 digits) which can be found at the back or front of your card.

For more information, you can visit Stripe's Help & Support page:

Updated on: 30/06/2020

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