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Why can I not register for a competition?

Tournament Registration Restrictions

There are currently two reasons why registration is denied for certain users:

The user has been added to the tournament organizer's blocked list.
The user must contact the tournament organizer outside of Challonge to resolve any issues.

Country-specific events
The user might not be located in the approved list of participating countries.

Q: A tournament organizer can share admin access to other users for any tournament. If an admin added users to his/her blocked list, will they be allowed to register for the competition created by the primary tournament organizer?

A: Yes. We would only block the users associated with the primary tournament organizer's account. The tournament would not inherit the blocking of users from any authorized admins' blocked list.
If you encounter any individuals behaving badly towards other participants or being disruptive in the competition, kindly contact the tournament's primary organizer as soon as possible.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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