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Removing Participants

Removing Participants

When running a tournament, sometimes people have conflicts after a tournament has started or after they have played a few matches and need to drop out of the tournament. Because of this, Challonge has created a way to remove these people from the tournament without having to reset the bracket without them. Once they are removed, all subsequent matches they would have had to participate in will result in their forfeiture and the scheduled opponent will receive a bye in that round instead.

First, click on the participants tab inside of your tournament

Next, click on the garbage can icon next to the participants name who you wish to remove

Then, a prompt will appear in your browser asking you to confirm the removal of the participant

Click the 'Ok' button and the person will be removed. You will now see their name on the list of participants with a line through it

The power button that has now replaced the garbage can serves to reactivate the participant if there was a mistake or a change

You will now see a blank score for the person, and their intended opponent moved onto the next round as if a bye was received

Updated on: 24/04/2019

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