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Reopen Tournament

Reopen tournaments and secure your progress

Errors occasionally occur in tournament management, particularly in score reporting and match advancements. These can be spotted even after the tournament has already ended. Participants may also request to double-check and rectify their ranking if the standings are not accurate.

Use this feature to reopen already finished tournaments, review past matches, and make the necessary adjustments without starting from scratch.

Visit a tournament that has already ended and click the Settings tab.

Scroll down to Advanced Options > Reset or Delete > click Reopen.

A prompt message will appear. Hit OK and the tournament will now be reopened.

Head back to the bracket and edit scores from any matchup.

As the warning message says, this match will reward a different participant as the winner so check before submitting scores again.

Once you're done reviewing and modifying match results, go ahead and end the tournament.

For this example, The Terrific Dolphins are now first place winners after changing the previously reported scores.

Feel free to repeat this procedure until you and the participants are satisfied with the results.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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