How to Create and Assign Stations

When creating a tournament that is large enough to need more stations. A station can be nay location that a game or match will be taking place during an event or tournament. Stations can be anything; courts, rinks, diamonds, tables, consoles, PCs, chessboards, dart boards, corn hole boards, swim lanes, you name it. Challonge has convenient and easy to create stations and assign matches to it.

When in the tournament screen, go to the 'Stations' tab and click the button labelled 'Create new station'.

From here, enter the station's location inside of the 'Name' box.

You can also add a livestream link if individual stations have different streams running!

From here there are two options, you can either manually assign matches to your stations, or have Challonge do it for you!

To manually assign a station, click the button next to whichever matchup, and then scroll down to 'Assign Match' button

Or, you can have Challonge assign matchups to the different stations by enabling these switches located beneath your stations

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