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Team Registration

Team Registration

If you're hosting a team sport or esport tournament, Challonge can help participants register as teams.

First, check the box labeled "Require participants to register as a team" under your tournament "Settings" tab and hit Save.
Note: If you want your tournament to be publicly discovered by potential participants, you'll also want to host a sign up page and make it publicly visible. If you plan to send direct invitations to register and participate, you would still host a sign up page but not make it publicly visible.

Next, promote your registration link to potential team registrants. They will be prompted to create or log into their Challonge account.

Once logged in, individuals can register an existing team they've previously formed or "Register A New Team", which we've done below.

Registering a new team can be completed in a few simple steps

Now, your team is created, and you'll have a new team page on Challonge.

You can also add team members by entering their email or their Challonge username.

That's it! You now have a team to register for any tournament on Challonge.

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Updated on: 08/03/2019

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