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Team Registration

Team Registration

If you're hosting a team sport or esport tournament, Challonge can facilitate that using rosters.

First, check the box labeled "Require participants to register as a team" under your tournament "Settings" tab and hit Save.
Note: If you want your tournament to be publicly discovered by potential participants, you'll also want to host a sign up page and make it publicly visible. If you plan to send direct invitations to register and participate, you would still host a sign up page but not make it publicly visible.

Challonge will let you set a "Min" & "Max" team size. The minimum is the number of players a team is required to have in order to participate in your tournament.
If you would like teams to have additional players registered like substitutes or coaches, you would add a number to 'max' greater than the min you already entered.
By default, if a team does not have the minimum number of players on their roster when the tournament is started, the team will be automatically disqualified by our system. If you don't want it to do that, you can select the option "Allow teams with incomplete rosters to participate".

Next, promote your registration link to potential team registrants. They will be prompted to create or log into their Challonge account.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to enter a team name.

After entering the team name, you will see this screen. Since this example tournament requires a minimum of 3 players, you'll notice there's "One more step...". Click Team Settings to invite teammates to the roster.

Inviting teammates to join the roster
* To add teammates, you'll want to enter either their Challonge Username or email address. This will send an invite both to the email address of their Challonge account and a notification on Challonge.
If a player is struggling to find the email, you click the link next to their name and send it to them via Discord, text, email etc. This will allow them to accept the invitation.

One your teammates accept the invites, you'll no longer see "invitation pending".
Note: From the Team Settings page in the tournament, you can manage your roster (change the team name, add / remove teammates etc.)

Confirming that a team is fully registered for a tournament.
If you click the bracket tab (top left), you'll notice Registration Complete along with your team's registration status.

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Updated on: 16/04/2024

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