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Placement Matches: Eliminate ties in both single and double elimination tournaments

Using Placement Matches

Placement Matches allows competition rankings from 1st through 16th to be clearly defined. The host has the option of selecting how many ranks should be defined using placement matches from 3rd through 16th. If the host selected 16, then participants will continue to play in placement matches until the ranks of 1 through 16 can only be populated by a single participant.

Placement Matches are only available for single and double elimination bracket formats.

Placement Matches must be enabled prior to the start of the tournament. The setting to enable can be found in the "Settings" of the tournament.

Next, you must select to how many places placement matches should be enabled for. If, for example, you only wanted to have a 3rd place match in single elimination, you'd select '3'.

From here, finish your tournament settings and click save.

Here is what a 22 participant, single elimination tournament with placement matches to 16th place would look like:

We have a video detailing placement matches that can be found here:

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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