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Multi-lingual Tournament and Event Descriptions

Expand your audience reach.

Adding different languages in a Tournament or Event Description helps tournament organizers enhance or modify the experience of their participants. This feature can be used to personalize a message or provide specific instructions for participants residing in different countries. Take advantage of this opportunity and reach out to a larger audience by providing multiple language options.

This feature is currently only available for Premier users.

Tournament Description

The first step is to create a tournament, fill in the necessary information and save. Once you're done with the basics, click the Settings tab > Basic Info > Description.

In this section, come up with an initial content that will be read by your audience when visiting your bracket. This is where you can provide any information about the competition like official rules, registration mechanics, and even images representing your organization. Feel free to add links and direct anyone to your social media pages or website.

Next, click Add Description Languages + then Add a Language +.

Select any language from the drop-down menu. In this example, we'll choose Español and Bahasa Indonesia. Provide any message for each language then click Save.

This is where you can provide unique instructions and messages which are only applicable to a specific country. The same initial message written during the tournament creation can also be applied.

If you wish to discard any language, just click the Remove button.

If the chosen language in Challonge is English, this is how your bracket should look like:

This can be changed anytime from your account's Settings page under Language.

Here's how your bracket would look like if the user has selected Español as their preferred language. Note that the message is also unique for this language as written from our sample text above.

The same behavior applies to the Bahasa Indonesia language.

The description's content won't translate to the site language that you chose. It would just show up in the description you added under that language.

Event Description

The Multi-lingual feature can also be used when writing a description for your Event. In order to activate the feature, you'll have to create an Event first, fill in the necessary information and provide the initial description, just like when creating a tournament.

Click the Add Description Languages + button and provide any content for each language you selected.

Using the same message from our example in Tournament Description, this is how it would look like on your Event's page for Español language users:

For Bahasa Indonesia language users:

Updated on: 23/08/2022

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