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Introducing Challonge Time Trial

Simulation racing, speed running, and any other timed events are now all possible on Challonge.

The entire Time Trial format is currently in its beta phase, so please leave us your feedback here.
The Time Trial beta only allows for tournament organizers to input the race results for each participant.

In order to create your Time Trial log into and select 'Race' from the 'Create A Tournament' dropdown menu.

Next, complete the Time Trial race settings and advanced options. Here you can give your Time Trial race a name, description, game type, start time, and choose if you'd like participants to register or if you'll input a list of participants.

Whenever you're ready you can click "Start The Race" and participants can register or be added as long as the race remains open.

Next, you can report times as they are received and validated under the new "Report Times" tab. If any updated times are submitted you can also enter those results here.

All inputted results will update the "Standings" page in real time.

Once the allotted time for your Time Trial has ended (which is at your discretion). You can click 'End This Round' and the Final Results will appear.

Updated on: 28/05/2020

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