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Introducing 100 Participant Free For All Format

100 Participant Per Match FFA Layout for Premier users

Challonge Premier users now have the option of adding 100 participants (individual or team) to a single free for all tournament match. This favors a better structure of a genuine Free For All skirmish. For reference, the free-to-use Challonge FFA format allows up to 16 participants per match.

In creating a new tournament, select Single Stage Tournament as the tournament type, and Free For All format. Add up to 100 participants per match and enable the new bracket style option. Next, specify the number of rounds for this tournament.

The maximum number of rounds per tournament is 12.

Once you've populated the bracket with participants, the new layout should look like this:

Mark matches as In Progress to ensure that anyone viewing the bracket knows what specific matches are being played right now. "In Progress" matches will be highlighted on the bracket in blue.

Click the Report Scores button and provide all the scores and ranking for each player. If multiple rounds were set, you'll be asked to select the winners, and they will move on to the next round.

The Match Details modal displays all the scores and ranking. Players moving on to the next round are presented with a crown logo.

Once all scores are reported for any round, the new layout will display who will advance to the next round and eliminated participants. If you still need to make any adjustments, click the Re-open button and a prompt message will appear. Click OK.

Please bear in mind that all scores will be reset once you've opted to reopen the round.

FFA tournaments with 2 or more rounds will proceed with the qualified participants.

Once all rounds are finished, the Final Results will now be displayed on the bracket.

Updated on: 12/07/2021

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