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How To Use Tournament Check-in

Tournament Check-in

As a tournament organizer, you may require participants to check-in minutes, hours, or even days before the actual start of the competition. It also helps you know who is actually taking part and you'll be able to plan ahead for any substitution. Similar to managing check-ins for Events, this can also be done on a single page with all the registered participants.

After providing the basic information for the bracket, go to Registration and enable the sign-up page. Set the Start Time and check the Require participants to check in option, Select from the drop-down menu on when should the participants check-in. The start time must be in the future when this option is enabled.

The bracket's start time and date would automatically adjust depending on the viewer’s set account time zone.

The check-in time will be displayed in the bracket page and it can be changed anytime. Be sure to also remind your players to avoid misunderstandings about the tournament schedule.

Once check-in is now underway, the Check In button will be immediately available in the bracket page. If the tournament organizer is taking part in the competition, the button will appear on his/her bracket page as well.

Tournament organizers may also manually check-in each participant from the Participants tab.

Participants who have successfully registered for the tournament with their Challonge account will receive an email notification once the bracket is now accepting check-ins.

Clicking the link will redirect them to the bracket page. All they need to do is to click on the Check In button and wait for the competition to start.

Failure to comply within the specified time frame will not allow players to participate in the competition.

Click the Process check-in results early link from the bracket page to accept all participants immediately. A prompt will appear before you proceed, click OK.

After the registration period has ended, the tournament organizer will receive an e-mail notification to start the tournament.

Updated on: 23/09/2022

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