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How to start your own community

If you’ve heard about the Challonge Communities, then you might be interested in creating your own.

Early this year, we’ve released Challonge Communities to encourage tournament organizers to have a centralized space to easily plan and promote tournaments within your members, gain members and attract followers and automate the stats tracking/leaderboards.

Challonge Communities is not only made for gamers, but also for like-minded people who are: athletes, casual players, game enthusiasts, partners and patrons, fans, intramural participants or if you and your co-workers plan to have a mini-tournament over anything in the office - a competitive game of ping-pong perhaps?

Challonge builds communities within the system to create a centralized communication and tournament/competition system within your own group. Here’s how you can create your own Challonge community today -

Name your community - what will your Challonge community be called?

Customize your challonge URL for searchability!

Identify who your community is for, what kind of members are more likely to be interested in your group and tournaments.

What kind of games will you be playing or are interested in playing?

Don’t forget to add in your location so that current and potential members can check if the community they’re joining/joined is within their own hometowns, region, and country.

Lastly, before hitting that submit button - don’t forget to add all your active social media accounts for Klout! (Just kidding!) Add your social accounts so that people can know where they can connect with you outside the tournament scene. Nothing makes a community stronger than a community that bonds - participating in and outside tournaments.

Let us know if you’re able to create your own Challonge Community, share with us your experience and feedback if there’s any. We look forward to meeting you and your communities online and off.

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Updated on: 19/08/2022

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