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How to Add Social Media to your Community

How to Add Social Media to your Community

Adding social media to your community is a great way to connect all of your followers with your social media platforms. Communities has a built in feature to add your social media so it appears in an easy to access place on your community dashboard.

First, create a community by pushing the "Start a Community" button on the Communities tab

Next, scroll down to the social media section of registration, and input the URLs and handles to each of the social media accounts you want visible

Now, when you look at your community tab, you will see every social media site you linked cleanly with the site's respective logo

If you did not include your social media when registering your community, it is not too late to add it!

First, go to your community and either click the pen tool next to "Social Media" -OR- go to the settings tab at the top.

Next, click on the social media tab on the left side of the screen

From there, just add all the URLs to the social media you want visible!

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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