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How to Edit your Community URL

How to Edit your Community URL

When signing up for a community, there are two options, Pro Membership and Free Membership. With a Pro Membership, you receive a dedicated sub-domain name (e.g. With a Free Membership, there are still options to customize your community URL (e.g.

If creating a Pro Community or becoming a Pro Community, click the "Upgrade to Pro" button.

Next, enter your sub-domain and finish upgrading for your exclusive community URL

If using a free membership, you aren't out of luck for customizing your domain name. You are still able to edit your permalink that follows

First, go to your community settings.

Next, click on the "Basic Information" tab on the left and enter whichever permalink you would like to represent your community

Click save and now your community is personalized down to the URL.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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