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Adding or Assigning Tournaments to your Community Rating

Method #1: Assigning Tournaments from the Tournament Settings Page

For this method, you must already have a Community Ratings created for your community & the game/activity you're hosting a tournament for. Want to know how to setup a Rating? View this helpdesk article:

Ratings are only available for Challonge Communities. If you're hosting as an individual you this feature will not be available.

Head over to your Community and Click 'New' > 'Tournament'

You'll notice under the 'Game' field that "none" are currently available. Enter the name of the game for this tournament

Ratings & Game Name are linked. Meaning that if you set your ratings page for Smash Bros Ultimate, it would NOT show up if you typed League of Legends into the game field on the tournament creation tool.

Since my community rating was created for League of Legends, I can see that populate below. Click on the checkbox to assign this tournament to that community rating.

You can have multiple community ratings in your Challonge Community. Whether that's for the same game or different games. If it's the same game, you'll see the options below. Select which options you want included. In my example below, I have a June rating to track which players are the top for the month, but I also want this tournament to be part of my annual 2024 rating.

Method #2: Adding Tournaments to a Challonge Community Rating from the Ratings Tab

This method is particularly useful for quickly adding past tournaments to a new Community Rating. For instance, you might want to take advantage of the fact that you can now have multiple ratings in your community!

Head over to your Challonge Community and Click 'Ratings'. Here, you'll see all the current Community Ratings you have available.

On the Community Rating you wish to assign tournaments, Click "Edit" > Assign Tournaments

This will bring up each and every tournament that has the same game name as to what's assigned for the community rating you're editing. In my case, I clicked into my June ELO rating for League of Legends. I won't see any tournaments I created for Rocket League or Smash Bros Ultimate.

Click each checkbox next to the tournament(s) you wish to assign to this Community Rating. When you're done, Click "Save Changes"

In the rightmost column, you'll now noticed the table is populated. Here, I am able to see all of my League of Legends tournaments in my Challonge Community AND which Community Ratings each tournament is assigned too.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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