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Making Community Announcements

Making Community Announcements

Making announcements for your community is an easy way to spread information to those that care as quickly as possible. Announcements serve as a means to notify your followers of anything that you would wish them to know. It keeps your followers alert as to what changes may be happening, or what events may be occurring in the future by emailing your followers.

A follower is someone who has registered to one of your events, participated in one of your tournaments, or clicked the follow button once they discovered your community.

To create an announcement, simply:

Click on the "Create" button.

Click on the "Announcement" button.

Use the "Title" box to write a headline to catch your followers' attention!

Once you choose to publish your announcement, it will appear on the announcement tab in your Challonge Community.

With the announcement, there are a few further options:

You are able to pin, edit, or delete an announcement in addition to be able to copy the link or share the announcement to Facebook or Twitter.

Once an announcement is pinned, it will appear at the top of the overview tab for everyone to see once they first enter the community.

Each announcement is sent over email to each of your followers

The email shows the community, and the title and body of the announcement made making anyone have the ability to see updates without having to be logged in to Challonge.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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