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How to Start a Voting Contest

Bracket Voting

Decide the best choice for your group with the Voting feature. Allow anyone with a Challonge account to cast their vote on who or what will advance to the next rounds and ultimately, be crowned as the grand winner.

After providing basic information for your tournament, start the bracket by adding participants as choices for the voting contest. This can be done from the Participants tab.

Voting is available for Single Elimination, Double Elimination, and Swiss tournament formats.

Under the Predictions and Voting panel from the tournament Settings, select Enable voting for open matches - Voters must register for Challonge then Save Changes.

Voting can be enabled at any point of the tournament as long as matches are available from the tournament's Settings.

Go ahead and start the tournament.

Users will see the matches open for voting if they're logged in to their Challonge account when viewing the bracket.

Users who are not logged in will be guided through the account setup process. Once a user has successfully created and verified the Challonge account, he/she can now submit votes.

Once votes are submitted, users will see live percentages of voting results.

Continue working your way up to the next rounds and select winners based from the number of votes.

Once all scores are reported, you may now end the tournament.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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