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How to Hide the Bracket Preview

Finalize the bracket first.

Tournament registration is now open, participants are coming in and the bracket is already filling up. The first thing they see is a preview of the bracket which is not yet definite and is still subject to change. As a tournament organizer, you still have a job to do: reordering the grouping/seeding according to rank, or even shuffle for transparency once everyone has already signed up.

In some cases, participants are skeptical with the pairings or even assume that it is official, and begin to arrange matches themselves as your bracket suggests.

The Hide the bracket preview from the public. option was implemented to prevent these issues.

Once you fill up the basic information for your tournament, head over to Advanced Options and under Bracket, select the option Hide the bracket preview from the public.

The bracket preview will now be unavailable to the public unless you disable the same option, or start the tournament.

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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