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Editing 'Best Of' Round Labels

Setting 'best of' round labels

If you're hosting a bracket, you may want to specify on the bracket page how many possible games can be played in a match to determine a winner.

First, create your bracket on For this example, we're using a single elimination bracket with consolation matches enabled.

Now that you created your bracket, you're going to want to click a label to edit. Let's start by clicking "Round 1"...
Note #1 : If your tournament doesn't have 2 or more participants registered, you won't be able to access this just yet.
Note #2 : Other bracket types may have the "Round 1" label elsewhere on the screen, either way the process is the same.

From inside this menu, you can change the title of the label. For instance, instead of Round 1 it may be 'Day 1' for your tournament.

You can select the field to the right of the text "Best of" that brings a dropdown menu. Say that my Round 1 matches are all Best of 3s. I select 3 from the dropdown menu & click save.

Now, you'll notice above matches 1 through 8, my label says "Day 1" & "Best of 3".

From here, you repeat the process clicking on each label to change the title and/or the "Best of" settings.

As the tournament progresses, you'll notice that from the report scores menu there's 3 blank sets. This is corresponding to the "Best of 3" settings we just entered.
Note: If you wanted to add or remove a set from a match, you would click unlock highlighted in orange. This setting is what you'll want to use if you are playing a game or activity that requires a win by two rule for example.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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