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Discord Bot Integration - Troubleshooting


The Bot isn't sending messages to the Channel

The settings is disabled

Check if the settings for the notification that you want is enabled.

The Bot is not in the Guild

You can use the Change Guild option to reinvite the Bot to the guild.

The Bot is in the Guild

The Bot might not have access to the channel that you specified on the Integrations Panel. A good way to find out if the bot can send to that channel is to check the user list on the channel on discord. If the Bot is not listed there it means the Bot has no access to that Channel

The Bot isnt sending the PM to the Participants

User is connected to discord

The bot can only send messages to Discord Users that it has access to. It means that the Participant that you want the Bot to send PMs too needs to be in the same Guild/Server that the Bot is in.

Updated on: 03/12/2019

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