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Discord Bot Integration - Tournament Notifications

Discord Tournament Notifications

There are 5 settings currently available for Tournament Notifications.

Enable Notifications at Tournament Start

This means when you start a tournament it will send a message telling your Discord members that the tournament has started on the specified channel.

Enable User PM notifications at Tournament Start

This is basically the same as Enable Notifications at Tournament Start but instead of sending the message to the specified channel on Discord this will DM all of the users with Discord authentication about the tournament starting.

(See More: User Authentication)

Enable Notifications at Check in

When the tournament's check in time has been reached the bot will automatically send a message to your selected channel notifying everyone that the check in has already been started.

Enable notifications at Registration

Creating a tournament where you enabled the following:

Host a sign-up page
Sign up page is publicly visible

Will allow the bot to send a message to your channel with the registration link.

Enable notifications when a Tournament is finished

After finishing a Tournament the bot will send a message to the specified channel that the tournament has ended. This message will also include the winners of that tournament.

Updated on: 05/12/2019

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