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How to Manage Permissions for your Event

How to Manage Permissions for your Event

Hosting events is a large task for one person. Challonge recognizes this and made it easy to grant administrative duties to other people you may be hosting the event with. You are able to invite as many people as you would like to help manage every facet of your event. Once given admin access, admins have access to everything: can publish your event, sell tickets, see orders, and more. To start:

First, click on the 'Permissions' tab on the left side of the 'Event Dashboard' underneath the 'Management' section

Next, click on the 'Add Permission' button

From here you can enter the user's Challonge username or email address, as well as change the user's role to add admin status to them for the event

Permission Levels

Here are the specific roles that can be assigned to your team members:

Admin - Can oversee and change every aspect of the event.

Event Manager - Has similar capabilities with the Admin, but will be unable to handle the orders and tickets.

Tournament Manager - Responsible for the execution of tournament brackets and adjusting all its features. This includes providing basic information about the tournament, mechanics of the competition, and management of participants' registrations.

Event Assistant - Works closely together with the Tournament Manager when it comes to checking-in of participants and reporting match scores.

Updated on: 23/07/2021

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