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How To Locate Match Joining Details

Challonge Stations are flexible enough to help participants find where they are playing at both in-person and online competitions.

Stations include various details such as the station's name, which could reference a labeled gaming set-up, desk, or court at in person events and/or a server at online events. Stations also can include private details including how to access that specific server for online matches. Private Details are only visible to the signed-in Challonge users (or teams) participating in that particular match.

Follow these steps to find the match joining details associated with your next Challonge tournament.

First, visit the bracket of your tournament. If a station has been assigned to your match, the name of that station will appear above the match. The assignment of a station typically indicates the match is ready to be played. The private details of that station (including how to join) can be found by hovering over the match and clicking the magnifying glass icon. Once clicked, the "Match Details" modal will appear

The "Match Details" modal then displays the specific, private details including joining info that has assigned to this match. These private details could include a link, text (such as a match key or lobby password), or other information deemed necessary by the organizer to help connect the opponents online.

Updated on: 25/09/2019

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