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How to create a Tournament Announcement

Tournament Announcement

Inform and notify all your participants about important details such as match rules, schedules, reminders, and more all with the use of Tournament Announcements. You may also add links to your social media accounts, video/livestream, communication platforms, and any other external information that supports the competition. We're looking forward to all the creative and informative uses of Tournament Announcements.

Click Announcements from the bracket, provide a title and enter all the details of your announcement. Click Publish once you're done.

Participants who registered in the tournament with their Challonge account will receive a notification.

They will also receive a message to their registered email. The tournament's link is also provided for your convenience.

Click the three dots icon to pin, modify or even delete an announcement. You may also copy the announcement's link for sharing, or post it directly to your social media accounts.



Updated on: 06/05/2021

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