What is Tournament Kings?

Tournament Kings is the genius behind Tourney Bot for Discord, a powerful tournament organization tool used in managing online competitions; perfect for casual skirmishes, gaming communities, and organizations. Facilitate registrations seamlessly with their automated bot, and host competitions without leaving the server. Let Tourney Bot make your job as an organizer easier by managing brackets, compile match results, distribute prizes, and many more.

How to add the Tourney Bot for Discord

Connecting Tourney Bot to your Challonge Community

Connect the Tournament Kings Bot Extension for your Community. You may access this on your Community Settings then Integrations. Clicking Connect will redirect you to the authorization page. You'll only have to do this once.

Check if you're signed in with the correct Discord account then select a server from the drop down menu where Tourney Bot will be used.

Confirm the following permissions then click Authorize.

You should receive a greeting message on your Direct Messages that Tourney Bot is now active.

Enabling Tourney Bot in Tournament Creation

In creating a new tournament, select the host Community and click the empty box to enable Tourney Bot under Basic Info. Clicking Learn More will allow you to connect the bot, review this Knowledge Base article, and visit Tourney Bot's home page.

Once the tournament creation is completed, you will be prompted to activate the Tourney Bot on Discord. The command will be posted on the bracket. Click copy and paste the listed command on your Discord server.

After entering the command to your Discord server, you should be able to see a message above the bracket that it is now being run by Tourney Bot.

Click here for the complete list of Tourney Bot Discord commands and general FAQ's.
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