How to redeem a Logitech Prize Code?

Chipotle Challenger Series Logitech Rewards

Aside from the cash and food prizes to be given away at the Chipotle Challenger Series Qualifier Events, one of the rewards participants may receive is a Logitech Digital Code. In this article, we'll show you how to redeem this code when ordering online.

The Logitech Digital Codes will be valid through one year from date of issuance on the Logitech family of websites -,,,, and (the “Logitech Sites”).

In order to redeem the code simply enter the unique code during checkout into the PromoCode box.

Important Notes:
Each code can only be used once and any funds not used during that one-time use will be forfeited.
Products from any of the Logitech Sites can be added to a cart and will carry over from site to site, provided the sites are each in the same country (i.e. the Canadian and US sites do not share a shopping cart).
Each code is only valid for orders placed on the US or Canadian sites and shipped to the US or Canada.
Not all products are sold on both the US and Canadian websites. This is determined by product availability. If a product is available on the US site it may not be available on the Canadian site and vice versa. Unfortunately we do not ship from the US to Canada nor from Canada to the US.
All Logitech products are subject to inventory availability and a return to stock status is never guaranteed for any Logitech product that is listed as out of stock.

Updated on: 17/03/2021

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